Who? What? Where? Why? When? How? 

Remember when you were a child and you were curious about everything? Curious Traveler takes you to explore the world with a childlike curiosity.

Who tore down Paris in the 1800s, and why?

What  was the Pantheon's oculus originally used for?

Where do the heavens orbit the earth in Venice?

Why was Copenhagen's Kronborg Castle the setting for Hamlet?

When was the Madonna of Bruges stolen? And why? 

How did Leonardo da Vinci transport the Mona Lisa to France?

Curious Traveler asks and answers your curious travel questions.

This isn't your typical what-to-do-on-vacation travel show. It's your all-access pass to a deeper understanding of the world's great art and architecture, people and places, and hidden history all around us.

Curious Traveler takes you to get Curious about Paris, Rome, Copenhagen, Hong Kong, Brussels, Edinburgh, Bruges, Montenegro, Ghent, Cardiff, Wales, London, Salisbury, Montreal, Bordeaux, Stockholm, Venice, Oslo, the Loire Valley, Dublin, Vancouver, Sussex, Sorrento, Victoria BC, NYC, Manchester, Asheville NC,  and some curious French Villages.   

Join us as we explore the rich culture and untold histories of the most fascinating places on earth.