Host, Writer & Executive Producer: Christine van Blokland

Christine van Blokland is a 3-Time National Daytime Emmy Nominee, 3-time Society of American Travel Writers Honoree and multiple Regional Emmy Award Winner. In addition to Curious Traveler, Christine also has a monthly series on USA Today Travel called 'Take Me Away'. She also gives travel lectures with the Smithsonian Associates program, and appears on national and local stations as a travel expert, including HSN. She is also a proud member of Mensa.

Before Curious Traveler, Christine spent 20 years as a feature reporter at ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS, PBS and Tribune stations across the country. She covered everything from Broadway shows to Disney World to American Idol to the Grammy Awards. Her favorite celebrity interviews are: Bill Murray, Julie Andrews and Kermit the Frog.

Christine caught the travel bug early on. Born in Scotland, she traveled across Europe, Canada and parts of Africa by the age of 16. She has a degree in Broadcast Journalism with concentrations in Religion and Fine Arts from the University of Florida, and studied Classical Animation at Vancouver Film School. Her travel motto is: Never Stop Learning, although she'll never learn how to pack light.