Christine van Blokland is a 3-Time National Daytime Emmy Nominee, a 2-time Society of American Travel Writers Honoree and multiple Regional Emmy Award-Winning Travel, Arts & Entertainment Journalist. She’s the Creator, Host, Writer & Executive Producer of the educational travel series Curious Traveler, broadcast nationwide on PBS, CreateTV and internationally through American Public Television Worldwide.

Christine caught the travel bug early on.  Born in Scotland, she traveled across Europe, Canada and parts of Africa by the age of 16. Since then, she has continued her curious travels from Africa to Austria to Aruba to Alaska. Yet can never catch any Zzzzs on those flights.

Christine is also a Contributor for USAToday Travel, Adventures by Disney, TravelSmith and she’s a Travel Expert on HSN. Before Curious Traveler, Christine spent 20 years as a feature reporter in the top TV markets across the country, including Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, Orlando and Palm Springs on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Fox News Channel, PBS, MyNetwork TV, Tribune Broadcasting, and Cox Video on Demand. She has won several regional Emmys for her feature reporting.

In addition to travel, Christine has covered The Grammys, The Palm Springs International Film Festival, 5 seasons of American Idol and the creation of the Guinness World Record’s Largest Moon Pie for the 40th Anniversary of Apollo FullSizeRender-311. It was 55 pounds and delicious.

Christine also likes to hang out on the red carpet. Any red carpet will do. Her list of celebrity interviews include: George Clooney, Matthew McConaughey, Julie Andrews,  Taylor Swift,  Jane Lynch, Simon Cowell, Mrs. Costanza, 4 of the 5 N’Syncers, Michael Phelps, Phyllis Diller, Carl Reiner and Andrea Bocelli. But her all-time favorite interview was with Kermit the Frog.


Christine holds a degree in Broadcast Journalism, with Concentrations in Fine Arts and Religion from the University of Florida. So now you know why there are so many works of art, architecture, museums and houses of worship in Curious Traveler. At UF, Christine was a National Finalist in the prestigious William Randolph Hearst Foundation’s Journalism Awards Championship.

Christine is also an artist. She studied Classical Animation at Vancouver Film School, in British Columbia, Canada, where she produced a 3-minute film, consisting of 1000s of individual, hand-drawn frames. Her hand was very tired.  Speaking of tired, Christine is also a lifelong athlete and health nut. She’s proud to have run two Disney Marathons. No, not back-to-back. One at a time is goofy enough.

Christine brings her passion for the arts, quirky characters, storytelling, lifelong learning, and of course, travel, to her pieces. Although she will never learn how to pack light.